allegorik symbol before the cataclysm. [album].

musik von ovdk vs. seetyca.


no. track. länge. mp3.  
I. toward the yanan daglar. 1031.
II. ausdifferenzierung des rechts. 551.
III. approaching manoeuvre. 703.
IV. dsm III - the cristalline entity. 1639.
V. ryuma go. 941.
VI. glimmer of mirphaktz. 553.
VII. a stream. 927.
VIII. filter which named a schopenhauer. 553.

dw097 - ovdk vs seetyca - allegorik symptom before the cataclysm This album art belongs to cyber-sonic-space. This ocean exists in the topological field that you can access using sound-interfaces such as max/msp, puredata, ircam app, logic 6, etc. You can interfere in this field via realtime-sound-synthesis which is different from musical composition.

conceived recorded and mixed by ovdk and seetyca between june and november 2014 @ :::: and @ mbira studio v.1.1. ovdk: electronics. seetyca: e-maschinen, samplers, voice, oscillators.