trances. [album].

musik von seetyca.


no. track. länge. mp3.  
I. trances pt. 1. 726.  
II. trances pt. 2. 428.  
III. life inhaling. 632.  
IV. your soul preparing to speak. 306.  
V. huge glass globes passing by. 642.  
VI. a string crossing the sky. 409.  
VII. my twisted mynde is that payne. 438.  
VIII. solid ease 253.  
IX. your soul telling your secrets. 501.  
X. left for ascension. 220.  
XI. crossing the border of reason. 247.  
XII. stratospheres pt. 1. 552.  
XIII. stratospheres pt. 2. 629.  

trances is kinda sequel to 'zwischenwelten'. Seetyca uses e-maschinen & samplers, flutes, duduk, rich. lipp & sohn piano, self-built percussion and voice. Glass mastered CD comes in a full colour digipak limited to 200 copies. 13 tracks with a total running time of 62:23.