vs. [mp3].

musik von seetyca, vzusdw, karyon, moda emo, zwart.


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I. moda emo fights the vzusdw. hängewohnung | hanghouse. 404. #
III. the vzusdw mesmerizes karyon. bydlo | pseudoclear. 1005. #
IV. karyon informs the vzusdw. gulfaqs | tesa. 311. #
V. karyon scratches the vzusdw. black water ryzing | tygh. 456. #
VI. karyon ponders the vzusdw. i believe in people dying | dawn in a chalk forest. 605. #
VII. moda emo ameliorates the vzusdw. ganesha snorting | too early to go home. 400. #
VIII. zwart condoles seetyca. hiomancy | hiomancy. 638. #
IX. zwart entices seetyca. nictophilia | nictophilia. 728. #
X. the vzusdw verdeutschet karyon. ceifery | mobula. 406. #
X(b). the vzusdw verdeutschet karyon. ceifery zum vierten mal | mobula. 442. #
XI. karyon is only. tixors. 448. #
XIII. seetyca befriedet karyon. lacombinaison | im schwange. 456. #
XIV. karyon fears the vzusdw. yourtitle | mytitle. 721. #
II. karyon suffocates the vzusdw. sic | iramoden. 315. #

a collaboration of different projekcts remixing back and forth, designed between 2006 & 2008, then rested for years to age like fine wine.

a legend! a secret! a precious pearl! call it whatever you like. but your beloved vzusdw brings to the light of day now is very special: karyon, moda emo and zwart hit seetyca and the vzusdw! right between the eyes! and they return the favor. a projekct long lost within the vaults of time: vs. now make haste and get yourself a copy of it, right here, right now!

mehr information und freyen download giebt es unter vzusdw.org