winterlicht. [album].

musik von seetyca.


no. track. länge. mp3.  
I. cold morning. 322.  
II. a drone in my head. 455.  
III. eyn kalter rausch. 439.  
IV. winterlicht. 1323.  
V. the tree behind my house. 340.  
VI. eyn schönes glänzen. 1832.  
VII. flockenglanz. 254.  
VIII. eyne leuchtende nacht. 749.  
IX. rauschendes ostinato. 413.  
X. hibernacule. 447.  
XI. dreaming of snow. 234.  
XII. global chillage. 815.  

Seetyca "Winterlicht" CD

As far I remember I have noticed Seetyca for the first time through "The Luminous Deep" CD album on gterma during 2012, but I somehow always considered this German project a bit darker and perhaps slightly noisier, more experimental to my taste. Although I must say I am still far away to be familiar with really extensive discography of this gifted soundsculptor counting over 70 solo and collaborative albums, mostly released through own label Mbira Records on CDr format. The amount of glass mastered CDs clocks, if I am right, to seven, all released on three labels, Essentia Mundi, already mentioned gterma and Winter-Light. The latest "Winterlicht" CD was released on Winter-Light label during October 2017 and it was exactly this album that immediately placed Seetyca on my radars. I have been blown away by this dronescaping masterwork since the very first day it was announced by this sympathetic Dutch label. After "Nemeton" (2015) and "Zwischenwelten" (2016), "Winterlicht" is Seetyca's third album for this label. The CD is packaged in a glossy 4-panel digipak designed by Midnight Sun Studio.

"Cold Morning" fires up the journey with slowly unfolding texture bridging engulfing monochromatic solitudes, impalpably mesmerizing shimmers and glimpsing intensified panoramas. The next piece, "A Drone In My Head", as indicated by its title, dives straightly into magnificently barren terrains, where spellbindingly flatlined, yet gracefully multi-dimensional drone alchemy fully blossoms, auxiliary evanescent signals continuously percolate and the whole scenario inconspicuously shifts into staggeringly monumental sonic oasis. Wow, with this in my head, I am totally addicted to Seetyca!!! "Eyn Kalter Rausch" delves even deeper into solitarily nebulous plains amplified by humming winds and juxtaposed by vaguely glancing cinematic horizons. 13-plus minutes long title track "Winterlicht" follows the snow traces of its predecessor, heavier, blizzard invaded wastelands exquisitely commingle with serenely permeating, enigmatically nuanced, yet balmily immersing panoptic grandness and intangibly tinkling ambiguousness. An epic driftscape exploration of breathtakingly spectacular wintery vast emptiness, enter now the Drone Eden!!! "The Tree Behind My House", unsurprisingly returns into more narrative sceneries, where layers of introspective earmarks, both static and animated, merge with rapidly shining gossamery traceries. "Eyn Scho¨nes Gla¨nzen", at 18:32 the longest composition on "Winterlicht", relievedly glides into thrillingly engulfing stratums fueled by quiescent blankets with enthrallingly rising and ebbing mindscapes. Shorter "Flockenglanz" attracts with its titillating piquancy, while "Eyne Leuchtende Nacht" masterfully metamorphoses meditative organic fragrances through awe-inspiring abysmal stillness into persistently helixing transcendental drone reverberations blended with serpentinely glorifying vistas. Nearly 8 minutes of pure aural bliss is served here! A truly phenomenal track, bravo, Maestro!!! "Rauschendes Ostinato" stays tightly fixed to gracefully reflective dronescaping imageries, then through diaphanous, yet ear-piercing sparkles progressing into perplexingly intriguing "Hibernacule". Brief "Dreaming Of Snow" transforms into ethereal zones, blending biotic field recordings with remote poetic plateaus. Closing "Global Chillage" incorporates except wide-screen sonorousness also sharply pulsing and abundantly radiant sequences. A very suitable conclusion!

To me, with 79 minutes long "Winterlicht" album Seetyca reveals the very top of his exceptionally transporting soundcarving, where the listener is taken directly to the forefront of fascinatingly rewarding and tenebrously enveloping drone magnitudes. A headphone listening is strongly recommended too even if a slightly cleaner sound would add some extra bonus points. "Winterlicht" is prodigiously triumphant album and without doubt it belongs to the sonic pinnacles of 2017. Hats off to Seetyca and kudos to all guest friends who contributed to this gemstone as well as to the Winter-Light crew!!! To be honest, I am delighted to be deeply connected now as few new recordings/projects are on the way for 2019.

Richard Gürtler (Jan 20, 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia) .

'Winterlicht' was conceived, played and recorded over three summers between 2014 - 2016. The album was mixed by Artin Mucht and mastered by Seetyca. The cover design and layout has been created by Midnight Sun Studio. © Seetyca 2017. © Winter-Light 2017. Glass mastered CD comes in a 4-panel full colour digipak. 12 tracks with a total running time of 79:30 mins.

Bass – Gowlan Roberts (tracks: 11)
Concept By, Recorded By – Seetyca
Cover, Design, Design Concept – Midnight Sun Studio
Effects [Additonal Atmospherics] – Ralf Behrendt (2) (tracks: 8 & 12)
Effects [Air Voice] – Seetyca
Effects [Electro Harmonix] – Umanosuke Yumeji
Effects [Environmental Sounds] – Thom Yeesland
Glass Harmonica – Seetyca
Harmonica – Seetyca
Keyboards [e-maschinen] – Seetyca
Mastered By – Seetyca
Mixed By – Artin Mucht
Piano [Ice Piano] – Madeleine Madeiras* (tracks: 1)
Sampler – Seetyca
Sequencer [Additional Sequencing] – The Newschubert (tracks: 12)
Strings [String Samples] – Oregon Origo Chamber Orchestra (tracks: 9)
Synthesizer [Additional Synthesizer] – Artin Mucht
Technician – Johann E. Mildenberg